A brand of Excellence in Black and White film products, Made in Germany

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    Orwo is a 100+ year old company and brand. Founded in Wolfen, Germany; as an off-shoot of the AGFA film company.


    Orwo made the first ever modern colour film way back in 1936.

    We develop and produce color and b/w films for cameras in the photographic and cinematic market in a century-old tradition. Worldwide the ORWO Family is made up of Film Studios, Post Production facilities, Film Labs, and other companies involved in the development of new techniques in the cine-film sector. Numerous patents, innovation awards, and an entry in the Guinness Book of Records demonstrates our creativity and development power


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  • love of race

    The ORWO story is one of constant challenge and innovation


    First post WW2 German Rally

    A multiple time winner of Rally races. ORWO was famous for supplying the race team with innovative materials for the windshields and chassis - giving them a technological advantage.


    German Formula 3

    The passionate support for innovation, technical challenges and the race for perfection continued throughout the 70s, in Formula 3. ORWO was universally recognised as a pioneering force.


    Formula Easter

    ORWO's twin passions of social responsibility and fast fast cars combined in the 80s. Formula Easter cars became famous throughout the world racing in the Peace and Friendship cup. The Formula Easters were known as the Eastern Bloc Formula Ones.